Best Online Pharmacy No Prescription – Should You Buy From Shops Not Asking for Rx?

Buying products online is the trend nowadays, thanks to the internet which seems to have everything we people need. Vendors have also moved their trade online—boutiques, tech stores, groceries, toy shops, and even pharmacies. Even pharmacies have their own online drugstore extensions, like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, and others; in some cases, though, some operator “pharmacies” operate entirely online.

Because consumers are now discovering that they can get their medicines for cheaper prices online, they are starting to shift to purchasing their medicines online. The affordability of the medicines is not the sole reason for the move, though—consumers are now sourcing their medicines online because in some cases, buyers are not required by online drugstores to present their prescriptions before their orders are processed.

Consumers are now searching for the best no-Rx online pharmacy they can use nowadays—some consumers actually prefer shops lenient with their Rx requirement for several reasons:

  • Buyers think that it’s more convenient for them to purchase medicines from shops not asking for Rx
  • No prescription pharmacies save buyers time and money on consultations
  • Stores with no prescription allow them to source medicines that are otherwise unavailable at their localities
  • In most cases, no prescription pharmacies offer cheaper prices for the medicines

Although the following benefits are outlined for purchases on no prescription shops, is it really safe or beneficial for users to use online pharmacies not asking for prescriptions?

Best Online Pharmacy No Prescription: Do They exist?

Yes, online pharmacies that do not ask for Rx exist. However, not all of them are safe to use by consumers. The Food and Drug Administration often warns consumers about the existence of such sites and the US FDA vigilantly dissuades consumers from using such websites.

It is not illegal for consumers to purchase their medicines from online drugstores. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration bodies, even the US FDA, have no legal restrictions set for the buyers regarding their online drugstore purchases. The FDA can only do so much when it comes to online drugstore purchases—the organization knows that it would be impossible to prohibit buyers to source their medicines online, hence no legal action against buyers purchasing medicines online.

While it may be convenient for consumers to purchase from online pharmacies lenient about prescriptions, there are several risks involved in purchasing from these stores:

  • No prescription online pharmacies may not be subject to regulation—this means that their products and services may not be legally screened, making it easy for them to dupe or scam consumers.
  • Buyers are at risk of overdose and are more prone to experiencing adverse events whenever using no prescription online pharmacies because of their potential to self-diagnose or self-medicate on the medicines they purchase from these stores.
  • Consumers are at risk of getting substandard, contaminated, wrong, ineffective, and fake medications from these stores.

Although not all online drugstores are a scam, buyers should always exercise caution when it comes to purchasing their medicines online, especially it’s not just their money that they’re putting on the line—their health, too, is put at risk by using these stores.

Best Online Pharmacy for Generic Viagra: Prices for Impotence Products

It is curious why buyers are too interested in getting their medicines at web drugstores not asking for valid prescriptions for products. Buyers, especially those with the need for erectile dysfunction treatments, are interested in purchasing ED medicines online not because it is embarrassing to source these medicines at the local drugstores—they are also buying their medicines online because it is cheaper for them to get these meds via online pharmacies.

To illustrate how cheap medicines can be at online pharmacies, here are some of the prices for ED treatments from several shops:

Viagra and Cialis Price

Viagra and Cialis Price

According to one online pharmacy, Viagra costs $0.35 per pill and Cialis $0.77 per pill. These are generic versions and are from FDA approved companies. Generic treatments like these are not yet approved by the US FDA, but they are recognized safe and effective by their local FDA.

Viagra and Cialis Prices

Viagra and Cialis Prices

In another online drugstore, Viagra is offered a bit cheaper—at $0.27 per pill. On the other hand, Cialis is offered at $0.68 per pill. These prices are utterly more affordable than their brand name counterparts—brand Viagra from Pfizer is still at more or less $80 per pill and Cialis is also as expensive.

Viagra Prices

Viagra Prices

At one shop, Viagra is offered at $29 for 10 pills ($2.90)—not the cheapest but still more affordable than the brand treatments. Other stores like this one are offering smaller entry-level purchases so buyers can try out their medicines without spending hundreds of dollars on their initial purchases.

How to Choose the Best Online Pharmacy

Since it is crucial for buyers to be able to use only the best online pharmacies for their medicines, buyers should be able to identify online pharmacies that are safe to use. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind whenever web drugstores to use:

  • Length of service. Online drugstores with long histories in serving consumers are usually reliable. However, this is not the only thing you should look for in a website.
  • Reviews. Customer reviews are important since they give buyers insight on what to expect on the stores they are using.
  • Legitimacy. Verify the seals and approvals advertised by the store in question—they should be real and not fabricated by the store.
  • Responsiveness. Responsive shops are usually trustworthy. Make sure that a store has real contact numbers and has a responsive support team.


Although you can legally purchase your medicines from online vendors, you should steer clear of online drugstores not asking for prescriptions, according to the US FDA. Do your research well on the shops you’re looking into purchasing from so you’ll end up getting the medicines you need and not end up sacrificing your health just to save more in consultation costs. Check our carefully selected List of Approved Online Pharmacies.

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