Canadadrugpharmacy com – Read This if You’re Planning to Order from Online Drugstores

Canadian drugstores like the shop Canada Drug Pharmacy are now popular amongst consumers due to the promise of cheap medicines that work as perfectly well as the expensive brand name treatments. Buyers, from relying solely on local drugstore stocks, discovered that they are better off purchasing their medicines from online pharmacies due to the low prices and the convenience the online purchases offer.

Buyers are attracted to websites bearing the term “Canada” since they somewhat remind the consumers about affordable medicines. Canada, compared to the United States, have more affordable medicines due to the public legislation preserving the buyers’ interest in generic medicines. The United States, however, have favored the manufacturers instead of the buyers, hence the patent protections for most brand name medicines preventing generic drugs from marketing openly, at least not for several years.

As for the shop above, Canada Drug Pharmacy is a “discount prescription” online shop selling affordable medicines to international consumers. This online drugstore is actually based in Canada, although it has links to drug dispensaries located in various countries across the globe. Since Canada Drug Pharmacy abides by the international regulations for drug dispensing, customers are required to provide their prescriptions when ordering from the store, for the Rx medicines at least. Consumers do not need to sign up to avail of this store’s services, so buyers can expect a smooth transaction whenever using this web pharmacy. Reviews

Canadian online pharmacies like Canada Drug Pharmacy have reviews from their consumers on the web. Here are some of the available customer reviews for Canada Drug Pharmacy from third-party websites:

Canada Drug Pharmacy Review

Canada Drug Pharmacy Review

According to one Albert Schoeffer, he had nothing to complain about the shop he used for his medicines. He mentioned that he ordered generic domperidone from the shop and was surprised that the medicine he wanted was cheap at the store he was using. He was surprised that the medicines were “exactly as described” and arrived on time. He mentioned desiring to order again from the store in the future. Albert rated the store 5 out of 5 points.

Canada Drug Pharmacy Profile

Canada Drug Pharmacy Profile

Another website, Pharmacy Checker, had website profiles and reviews for several Canadian pharmacies including the store covered on the assessment above. Pharmacy Checker checks the following on local pharmacies:

  • Dispensing medicines through licensed pharmacies
  • Security of financial information
  • Promise of privacy for consumers
  • Valid address and other contact information
  • Excellent customer reviews

More Customer Comments for Canada Drug Pharmacy

More Customer Comments for Canada Drug Pharmacy

Customer reviews were also found on Pharmacy Checker. According to one user with a pen name “Philarious”, he ordered generic Celebrex and his medicines arrived within 10 days. He mentioned that the order process on the store he used was impeccable—his order reached him without snags, hence his 5/5 rating for the shop.

Another buyer, “James_4” also rated the pharmacy in question 5/5 points. According to him, the shop’s service was excellent although the store’s delivery time was “average”. However, he made mention that the store updated him with the tracking information so he was not at a loss about his order. Coupon

There are no present Canada Drug Pharmacy coupon codes but the store is known to offer discounts to consumers with large orders. Customers can also look forward to free shipping, free pills, and special vouchers whenever they are available.

Canadian Drug Stores: What are They?

Canadian drug stores, the online ones, are supposedly “online” extensions of the local drugstore chains found in Canada. However, Canadian drugstores nowadays are not all from Canada and are really online drugstores. Genuine Canadian Drug Stores are websites are online counterparts of local pharmacy chains in Canada, or at least online pharmacies based in the country and have their licenses from the country. However, most online pharmacies, in order to gain more buyer support, only append the name “Canada” on their domain names or their store names so they can attract more buyers to patronize their services.

 Canadian Pharmacy

 Canadian Pharmacy

Legitimate Canadian pharmacies feature approvals from various private and government agencies like CIPA RX and IPABC.

Look for These Signs

Look for These Signs

According to the website of CIPA Rx, there are only 66 approved pharmacy websites and that are certified to carry the CIPA Rx seal. CIPA Rx only approves the “exceptional” drugstores able to comply with the regulatory requirements of CIPA. Although there are only a few online pharmacies approved by CIPA, plenty of imposter sites are using the CIPA seal to lure buyers into purchasing from their stores or at least make them believe that they are safe to purchase from. Because of this, consumers should be wary of websites bent on tricking customers and should be wise in discerning a real CIPA Rx approved store or not.

These CIPA Rx stores usually ask for valid prescriptions from the consumers or at least offer online consultations with a licensed physician. This alone should be a sufficient sign for buyers wanting to know the difference between rogue websites and legitimate CIPA Rx approved online pharmacies.

Other things you can do to make sure that you’re dealing with legitimate Canada stores are the following:

  • Consult reviews – Buyers have the best chance of discovering legitimate online drugstores by reading relevant reviews, particularly from independent online review sites and forum reviews.
  • Use domain checking platforms – Consumers should also have the better sense of using website-checking platforms for the shops they’re eyeing so they can view details for the stores such as their operating history and their level of security.
  • Read curated lists of trustworthy websites – Apart from doing the necessary checks, you may also use lists of the websites from CIPA Rx, the NABP, and other organizations, and also lists like our rundown of TOP Online Vendors.

How Do I Order Mail-Order Prescription Drugs from Canada?

You can order prescription drugs online—the meds do not have to necessarily come from Canada. If you’re interested in purchasing cheap medicines, the first step is looking for a reliable online drugstore to use. You can use the following steps we described in this article so you end up getting your meds from a real store that won’t scam you.

After being able to find a shop that will work for you, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Order at home and do not use public Wi-Fi connections so lessen the risk of you getting hacked while ordering online
  • Use online credit cards so you would be able to dispute illegal charges from the store you’ve used
  • Use VPN to access the online stores
  • Don’t forget to inoculate your PC


These are only some things you can do to keep yourself safe when trying to shops for your medicines online. To be 100% sure, do your research first before using a store (whether it’s Canadian or not) so you’ll end up getting the meds you paid for.

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