Hemorrhoids Treatment: Different Stages

It is very difficult to deal with hemorrhoids especially if you are not aware of the severity of its condition.  Some do not even feel or experience any symptoms.  The treatment actually depends on the severity of the case.  If it were not cured at its early stage, it can get worse and hemorrhoids treatment can take a long time. That is why it is better to be aware of the phases prior to starting any therapy.

STAGE 1:  Hemorrhoids are still inside the anus

This stage is also called Internal Hemorrhoids.  As the name imply, the hemorrhoids are still within the anus.  This is stage is very hard to detect because hemorrhoids are painless.  However, some may experience itchiness. The only thing that you will notice is the appearance of a bit of a blood in the stool after having a bowel movement.  If we are aware that this is quite unusual, even if we do not feel anything, consult a doctor. In this stage, we can tap an ice covered in a soft cloth into the anus.  This will give a soothing feeling.

STAGE 2:  Hemorrhoids become loose

This is also called as the advanced stage where hemorrhoids are now extending beyond the anus.  At this stage, the patient feels that his bowel movement is not fully successful, that there is still something that needs to come out from the anus.  There is already a bit of a pain in the area and a simple treatment for stage 1 may also be applied (cold compress) to sooth the pain.  If there is no feeling of relief, there is a need to see a doctor right away.

STAGE 3:  Hemorrhoids cannot be hidden

At this stage, the body cannot stop the hemorrhoids in coming out every bowel movement.  With this, the patient needs to re-insert the piles into the anus.  This stage is also gives a burning pain and the patient feels really uncomfortable.  This time, there is no reason for not seeking doctor’s help.  This stage is already severe and should be attended immediately.

STAGE 3:  Hemorrhoids cannot be manually pushed back again

This is the worst but very rare case of Hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids Treatments should be given right away.

At this stage, the tissues around the anus are already weak and may break anytime that the patient needs to cough or sneeze.  It is no longer possible to manually insert the fallen out piles back into the anus.  There is also an increase discomfort whenever a bowel movement is done.  There is also a feeling of inflammation and burning sensation.  Unfortunately, the only available treatment for this is surgery.  Doctor’s attention is important in this stage and all advice should be followed.

It is important to be aware of the changes in our body.  If we know our body very well, simple symptoms of hemorrhoids can be detected and simple hemorrhoids treatment is needed even before the condition aggravates. If we suspect that we have hemorrhoids, before taking any drugs, doctor’s help is needed right away.

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