International Pharmacy Reviews: Great Online Stores Selling Meds Internationally

As more people face challenges related to the high prices that local drug stores are charging, the need to find stores that offer their services internationally has been growing. The web has over 35000 pharmacies that claim to be selling their medications to people regardless of the country in which they reside. Out of all these pharmacies, only 10% offer genuine services. People have already realized this and they are now relying on making sure that any international pharmacy that they order their medications from is genuine.

After realizing this the rogue stores went a step further to make sure that they blend in and look exactly the same way genuine stores look like. They started including special offers, low prices and many promises in order to try and manipulate people and force them to buy from them. It did not take long before people realized the trickery going on. The only safe way that these people could now identify which store was real and which one was fake was through the use of reviews. Reviews are usually left behind by customers who are not related in any way with the drugstore from which they purchased their medications. This means that reviews in most of the cases speak the truth.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

A large number of the pharmacies which ship their drugs internationally usually have their headquarters based in Canada. For this reason, people want to know whether it is possible in any way to find a reputable Canadian pharmacy. As we had discussed earlier, this is something that can only be determined by looking that the reviews.

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://www

Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

Roberta M, says that he is very satisfied with the Canadian pharmacy that he orders his meds from. He was able to save $200 on one of his medication which is not covered by the insurance formulary. The people that he dealt with were very polite and they were aware of how exactly to deal with his situation. The medications arrived in about 2.5 to 3 weeks. He says that he would recommend the Canadian pharmacy to anyone who needs the kind of service that he received.

Barbara A. says that the customer service is excellent. She likes the call from Canada drugs that reminds her that a new prescription needs to be ordered. She says that this is of great help. It makes sure that the customer never orders too late. The prices are excellent. Her experience with a Canadian pharmacy has been excellent.

Robert Y. says that he is well satisfied with the Canadian pharmacy. They are professional and treat their customers extremely well. Their staff is polite, courteous and friendly. They do an excellent job of the fulfillment of product orders. They advise you when your order has been filled, shipped, and approximate arrival date.

The above reviews are for a Canadian pharmacy. However, you should note that they do not apply to every Canadian store. For this reason, avoid random vendors who claim that they operate from Canada. Instead, use the pharmacies that we have in our catalog. We have verified their functionality already.

Mexican Pharmacy Reviews

Mexican pharmacies are another place that people source their cheap medications. However, the question which needs to be answered is whether there are reputable and legitimate Mexican online pharmacies. The following reviews will answer this question.

Mexican Pharmacies Reviews (source: https://www

Mexican Pharmacies Reviews

Melissa is one happy customer who has used a Mexican pharmacy to get meds for her mother. She gets her prescribed medicine for much cheaper than she would have to pay in the united states. The customer support team that she dealt with is excellent. They updated her every step of the way. She was nervous when ordering for the first time since she was not sure whether they were legit. However, she found that they are the real deal.

Betty says that she is very happy with the Mexican drugstore from which she orders her meds. She receives great products without any delays. The company is very reliable and 100% trustworthy. The customer service is awesome.

Melissa and Betty are two different people who have enjoyed the great services offered by Mexican drug stores. They have rated the pharmacies 5 stars. This tells you that you can find real stores on the internet which offer great services and have their headquarters in Mexico. The best of these international pharmacies are in our catalog.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews

Trust pharmacy is an online drugstore that has its headquarters in Canada.

Trust Pharmacy Front

Trust Pharmacy Front

The store operates under the license of a pharmacy company known as Canadian Pharmacy Limited. The store has been in business since 2001. The reviews for this pharmacy are as follows:

Trust Pharmacy Reviews (source: http://trustpharmacy

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Leeroy ordered his medications in Italy. He ordered three times. There was no time when his order failed to arrive. The delivery was quick as he states that he never had to wait for long. He is impressed by Trust Pharmacy.

What makes Charles really happy is the huge savings that he got after ordering his meds from Trust Pharmacy. He also got free gifts. Jessica from Austria says that Trust Pharma had good prices for the pills that she needed.


Pharmacies that offer their services internationally are available. Getting one that you can trust with your money and health is the hard part. This part is only hard if you decide to find the pharmacy on your own. If you try to find a great international pharmacy on your own, there is a 90% possibility that you will get tricked. This is because, in every 10 pharmacies that you investigate, 9 of them are rogue stores. Instead of going through all this trouble, you can opt for a simpler and better way of determining which pharmacy should deliver your drugs to you. We have compiled a list of all the genuine international pharmacies. This list should help you. Pick one pharmacy from this list and you will be 100% sure that your meds will reach you safely and quickly.

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