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Due to the expensive prices of medicines in the US, customers are looking hard to find reliable alternatives that will provide them the exact same medicines that they need at lower prices. The costs of medicines are really high in America and the people are literally struggling just to afford medicines that will make their health conditions better. But they were successful in their efforts of finding pharmacies that sell low-priced medicines and found what they were looking for the identity of legitimate Mexican pharmacies online. These online pharmacies were the answer to their needs because like the local American pharmacies, these sources have a complete selection of medicines for all applications which gives them various options to choose from. And their prices are just right, giving them more opportunities to save their money

Mexican pharmacies have an excellent track record. These stores are very serious when it comes to providing quality medicines to their customers locally and abroad. Prior to approving a medicine for sale, Mexican drugstore sites first verify if they are approved by Mexico’s Ministry of Health, USFDA’s equivalent.

Like the standards of the Food and Drug Administration in the US, the Ministry of Health is also strict when it comes to its standards, subjecting each product under careful scrutiny and stringent checks before allowing or prohibiting its sale. Because of this, the medicines from Mexico are very well esteemed by the customers as drugs of good quality, working just as excellent as their US-made counterparts.

What the Mexican online pharmacies sell are the generic versions of known prescription drug brands in the US. They sell these medicines at prices that are 70% to 90% cheaper than the local prices and don’t require their customers to provide prescriptions for them. Aside from the great savings that the buyers get in purchasing their meds from them, convenience is one of the great benefits that the customers are getting. Purchasing mail-order meds from these legitimate Mexican pharmacies online spares them from the effort of visiting their nearest local pharmacy since the meds that they order are shipped right at their homes, regardless of how remote their locations are. Online Mexico-based pharmacies employ the services provided by trusted American courier services such as FedEx and UPS for them to be able to supply the needed meds of their US clients.

UPS Logo

UPS Logo

In constantly providing guaranteed quality meds at low prices and giving reliable service to the customers, it doesn’t come as a surprise why Mexican online pharmacies are successful. But due to its popularity with the customers, many fraudsters and opportunists have made counterfeit sites that appear as online Mexican pharmacies, causing lots of trouble for the customers and the legitimate sites as well. These scammers only use these fake sites as fronts for stealing card information from the unsuspecting customers but there’s a sure way to avoid them. To make sure that they are in the right place, customers should always look for the HTTPS or the padlock icon before the domain name of the pharmacy site that they visit. HTTPS sites use SSL certificates that encrypt all the data being filled out by the customers in the forms, protecting them from getting defrauded. Fake pharmacy sites only use HTTP before their domain names and they are without any padlock icons, easily giving them away to cautious buyers.

Cheap Pharmacy: Viagra in Mexico Pharmacy

Viagra is one of the most popular medicines in the US. It is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition only experienced by males which causes them to be incapable of having erections. Viagra works by increasing the blood flow to the penis, effectively causing strong erections that last for hours. Its drug name is Sildenafil Citrate and its average price in the local US pharmacies is $80 USD, a price that not every customer can afford. But even if this is the case, this drug is also manufactured by Mexican pharmaceutical companies as generics, enabling customers to afford them at much cheaper prices. For a small price of only $10 USD for each tablet, customers can already purchase their generic Viagra from Mexico. Since generics have the exact same ingredients and formulation as the branded drugs that they are made from, customers can expect the same results in using them.

Viagra 50 mg

Viagra 50 mg

The ED drug Viagra is not the only ED pill that has generic versions in Mexico. Customers can also purchase generics of other popular ED brands like Levitra and Cialis from online Mexican pharmacies. Like Viagra, these drugs are also expensive with prices that range from $67 to $79 USD for each tablet. But at Mexican pharmacies online, buyers can purchase them at cheap prices ranging from $8 to $13 USD for each pill.

How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

Buying meds online is convenient but it is also a serious matter that needs to be done with utmost care to avoid the dangers and risks that the fake pharmacies pose. Customers should first be sure that the site that they’re visiting is legitimate and have good reviews from other sites. Check our List of Recommended Online Pharmacies to select a reliable provider.

Good onsite reviews are not reliable and customers should look for other review sources to get unbiased customer testimonials about the site. Buyers should also beware of sites that have suspicious bargains which is the most common trait of fraudulent online stores.

What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy

Privacy is the most important thing that the customers should protect when they go online. The same is true in buying from an online pharmacy, customers should choose the ones that have privacy policies that protect the interests of the customers.

All the sensitive information provided by the customer at an only pharmacy must remain confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties and other websites.


Legitimate Mexican pharmacies online are stores that provide effective meds to customers who are looking for cheaper alternatives to expensive prescription meds. But even with the affordable prices, the quality of the meds that they have are of great quality, especially the pills for ED treatment. But in choosing a Mexican pharmacy to buy meds from, customers should always be cautious to avoid counterfeit sites. For a list reliable online drugstores to buy from, customers should check our top recommended pharmacies.

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