Meds from Mexico: Cheap Meds that You Can Trust

If you are tired of paying for overpriced medications in your local store, it might be a time for a change. Mexican pharmacies are among the best pharmacies that can offer you what you require at a price that you can afford. This does not mean that you need to plan regular trips to Mexico just to acquire your prescriptions. If you have a computer and you can access internet connection, then, you will be able to get your drugs delivered straight to your door.

We always warn our readers about a large number of pharmacies just waiting for the slightest chance that they can get to rip you off all your cash. These scammers have managed to make their websites blend in. This means that you cannot determine which pharmacy is genuine and which one is fake. Some of the things that you need to check for in order to determine whether the meds that you will get from the Mexican pharmacy will be real or fake include how long the business has been doing business, the customer testimonials, and the number of customers that they have been serving.

We have noticed that the scammers are lying about all these factors. They will lie about when their business was established and make you think that they are pioneers in the online pharmacy business. They will create their own positive reviews and place them on a testimonial page to sway your decision. They will even convince you that they have served millions of customers. The best way to avoid being scammed is to avoid investigating pharmacies yourself. This is a task that needs to be done by an expert. We have invested in investigating online pharmacies. Every pharmacy you find in our catalog has been placed there after a significant amount of time has gone into scrutinizing it. You can trust all pharmacies in our catalog.

Mexican Pharmacy Reviews

We have mentioned reviews as a factor that you should consider when determining whether a Mexican pharmacy is good or a scam. We have searched for reviews related to Mexican pharmacies. We have them here:

Meds from Mexico Review

Meds from Mexico Review

Megan says that he has Crohn’s disease. It feels good for him to know that he gets his prescriptions for less. The Mexican pharmacy is consistent with their service and they always follow through. He highly recommends the pharmacy.

Mexican Meds Testimonial

Mexican Meds Testimonial

Cheryl says that she has nothing but the best experiences when dealing with Medicines Mexico. The prices are very good and the customer service is awesome. They are prompt to respond if you have questions. They are professional, courteous, and polite. She says that she would not consider buying from any other pharmacy. The packages are shipped with tracking and they arrive in good condition and they are always correct.

Mexican Drugstore Reviews (source: https://web

Mexican Drugstore Reviews (source:

Debbie says that she has experienced the best customer communication and skills. She trusts the Mexican pharmacy with both her medication and the milo her cat needs.

The above reviews prove to you that you can receive great services from Mexican pharmacies. As long as you choose the pharmacy that you order from carefully, the meds from Mexico that you get will be genuine and they will arrive in great condition.

Meds from Mexico Prices

We had mentioned earlier on that the meds that you get from Mexico will be cheaper. It is better to show you the proof than to just mention it. The following are some of the prices that you will get in a Mexican drugstore:

Meds from Mexico Price

Meds from Mexico Price

The first item on the list costs $53.86 when you are buying it from a local store. When you purchase it from a Mexican pharmacy, the price reduces to only 9.28 dollars. This eliminates 44.58 dollars which are equivalent to saving 83%. The second item which is generic Amikacin requires you to pay $35.76 in your local store. When you order it from a Mexican pharmacy, you get to pay only 10.84 dollars. This saves you $24.92. This is the same as paying 70% less. Amoxil Amoxicillin will cost you $53.14 at the local store. If you decide to order this drug online from a Mexican pharmacy, the price reduces to only $16.10. This saves you $37.04. This is the same as saving 70%.

Mail Order Meds from Mexico

Reputable Mexican pharmacies will offer you a chance to refill your prescriptions via mail order. The shipping time may vary. However, any great Mexican pharmacy will never allow their customer to wait for their drugs for more than 4 weeks. Note that even scammers will promise you that you will have your drugs in two weeks. Fake pharmacies will say everything that will make you send them your cash.

Mistakes usually happen even when you are not expecting them. For example, you might order from a pharmacy that you are convinced is real only to realize later that you were tricked. If you had paid using wire transfer, bitcoin, western union, or electronic check, there is no way to get your money back. However, if you had paid using a credit card, you can use your bank and dispute your charges. In short, when you are ordering your meds from Mexico, use a credit card to pay. Avoid other methods even if they have offers on them.


As long as the meds from Mexico have originated from a genuine Mexican pharmacy, they will work perfectly. You will be able to pay less and you will receive the customer service that you deserve. When ordering your meds, stick with credit cards as the method of payment that you use. Never use random stores which look like they are real. Many fake pharmacies resemble real ones. A lot of research time goes into determining whether a pharmacy is real or not. This is the time we save you through our top-rated list. We invested time into investigating online pharmacies. The ones which passed our strict standards appear in our catalog.

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