Online Drugs – Best Way to Save Money on Meds

Buying medicines on the web is so much different than purchasing them locally. Unlike local pharmacies which are physical places that should be visited, online pharmacies are web pages that can be accessed anywhere through the internet. Customers no longer have to experience the hassle of traffic jams and long queues as online pharmacies will be shipping the orders of their customers to their locations. The convenience of buying drugs online allows buyers to order their meds within just a few minutes, giving them more time for other important things.

The drugs which are sold online are just the same medicines which are sold at the local pharmacies. But what makes them better options is the fact that they are much cheaper than what the local drugstores have. The savings that the buyers can get from purchasing online drugs can reach up to 90% versus the locally sold drugs. Many people wonder how this is possible and the answer is simply because online pharmacies focus on selling generic medicines to its clients. Generics are known to be the cheaper versions of branded drugs but the strength, formulation, and active ingredients that these medicines have are exactly the same as the branded ones.

One of the best online pharmacies where reliable generic medicines can be bought is Pharmacy Mall, a Canadian online drugstore that has been operating since 2001 and is trusted by many customers for their prescription and over the counter medicine needs.

Pharmacy Mall

Although generic meds are the specialty of Pharmacy Mall, customers can also purchase branded medicines on its wide selection. The branded drugs here can be identified by the ”brand” word before the name of the medicine that customers will be looking for. Some medicines have branded versions available here but some don’t since the focus of Pharmacy Mall is to sell affordable meds to the buyers. But checking the price of their branded meds, customers can tell that they’re still cheaper than the local prices.

Another convenience that the customers will experience here at Pharmacy Mall is their freedom to order their prescription meds without having to provide any prescriptions. Yes, prescriptions are not a requirement at Pharmacy Mall enabling the customers to have a hassle-free experience. No longer will they be obliged to visit their doctors and pay for the diagnosis that come with a prescription that enables them to buy their needed medicine. With Pharmacy Mall skipping this process, their customers did not only save time but they also saved money.

The benefits that the customers can get in buying at Pharmacy Mall does not end here. In buying meds at Pharmacy Mall, buyers can take advantage of the discount offers that it has. In making large purchases of over $200 USD in amount, customers will have an outright discount of 10% applied to their orders which is a significant amount added to their savings. Purchasing in bulk quantities also gives the customers the opportunity to save big, as much as hundreds of dollars in total. This is because the more pills that the customers will order at Pharmacy Mall, the cheaper the prices of the pills get.

Aside from its discount deals, Pharmacy Mall also offer freebies for the customers to take advantage of. These freebies include free pills and free shipping of orders. The ones who are entitled to get free bonus pills are everyone as long as they will be buying from Pharmacy Mall. There is no purchase amount required for this perk as free pills are included in every orders made regardless of the amount. To qualify for the free shipping of orders at Pharmacy Mall, its clients simply need to have orders with a total amount of $200 USD or more. Their orders will be shipped via standard airmail (14 to 21 days) and its shipping fees will be waived. For customers who will have purchases totaling over $300 USD in amount, their orders will be shipped for free via express mail service (EMS) which only take 3 to 8 days of waiting time.

How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

As convenient as purchasing medicines online might be, customers still face risks that they should carefully avoid. These risks and dangers are posed the fake and scam pharmacy sites which are being operated by criminal organizations and individual scammers. These fake pharmacy sites have the appearance of legitimately-operating online pharmacies and this is what makes them dangerous. Many unsuspecting customers have already been victimized by these sites but there is a way to avoid them.



Buyers should only be very careful to check their domain names and look for the padlock icon and the https://. This is the proof that the site is safe and that it has been verified secure by the internet. Purchasing from pharmacy sites that use https:// guarantees the customers that the information that they send are encrypted and safe.

What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy

Buyers should first test the waters before buying from an online pharmacy. To know if it’s genuine and safe to purchase from, customers should use the service offered by fraud-checking sites like Scam Adviser and LegitScript.



These sites can perform a full, in-depth check on pharmacy sites to determine if they are indeed legit or if they’re scams. It would be wise to use the services offered by these sites before deciding to buy from an online pharmacy.

Is it OK to Buy Medicine Online?

It’s absolutely ok to buy medicines online as there are a lot of benefits offered by online pharmacies such as discount and freebies on top of the affordable prices that they have. People only have to be careful to avoid scam pharmacies and the best way to avoid them is buying only from trusted and verified online drugstores.


Buying drugs online is the best way to save money on medicines since the prices at online pharmacies is 90% cheaper than what the local drugstores have. Pharmacy Mall is among the best online pharmacies to buy from as it offers other advantages to its customers such as discount deals and freebies like bonus pills and free shipping. For more options to choose from, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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