Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Reviews – Why Should I Read Them?

There are so many online drugstores posing as “reliable” and some even go as far as adding the word “reliable” to their domain name or shop name, making it challenging for consumers to distinguish the scam stores from the really reliable stores.

Most online pharmacies also attach the term “Canadian” to their names to entice consumers since the country Canada is often associated with affordable generic medicines. Online pharmacies with the term Canada appended to their names are not always true “Canadian” stores—most of the time, the name is merely for show, to appease buyer eyes and lure them into using their stores.

Real Canada-based online drugstores are hard to find, but they can be spotted if one should dedicate their time and effort in finding stores that are actually based in the country. Consumers can try manually searching for relevant stores online and reading reliable Canadian pharmacy reviews for reference since reviews are almost always dependable when it comes to evaluating web drugstores. Since reviews are important not only when it comes to searching for reliable Canadian pharmacies, let’s discuss the significance of reviews in buyers looking for Canadian pharmacies to purchase their medicines from.

Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Reviews: What Can They Tell About Online Pharmacies?

Online pharmacies are relevant these days since they offer the best prices for any medicine buyers can think of. Instead of charging impossibly for medicines, web drugstores (not only Canadian ones) are able to offer prices that can help them sustain treatment indefinitely.

However, looking for reliable stores to use is a drag—buyers often stumble upon scam stores not only due to lack of knowledge regarding the guidelines in finding helpful web stores but also because scam sites are getting better at duping consumers.

The FDA and other agencies have published warnings and guidelines when it comes to looking for online drugstores (not only the Canadian ones). One of the steps encouraged by the FDA and other government and private associations is looking at reviews of stores for reference.

Reviews, especially from independent sources, help consumers evaluate the stores in question and allow them to decide on buying (or not buying) from specific pharmacies due to the following reasons:

  • Reviews give insight into a store’s service. Stores may claim plenty of good things about their service but none of these would matter until you test the shop yourself. Reviews give insight on a store’s service from a previous buyer’s perspective and may give you information on performance areas of the store that are not covered by the information present on the shop’s website.
  • Reviews save buyers time and effort. Because other buyers have already had experiences with the store you’re eyeing, you need not test the waters yourself. Reviews are there to help you decide whether or not to buy from the shop without you spending money or wasting time test-ordering from a website in question.
  • Reviews allow other buyers to remotely gauge the products. Customer reviews on products will allow you to know if a drug is effective or not—buyers, especially ones who posted on forums or on third-party platforms can help you identify the good and bad points of a product advertised on a certain pharmacy. You wouldn’t need to buy from a shop to know if a generic Viagra or Cialis is effective or not.
  • Reviews will alert you of scam stores. Reading reviews can help you keep your distance from scam pharmacies, that’s why it is important for you to scan the web for relevant comments, blog entries, forum discussions, and other sources of reviews for a certain online drugstore, Canadian or not.

Reading reviews benefit users greatly and will help them avert impending disaster—may it be getting scammed or getting fake products. However, consumers should look for third-party or independent reviews and should take on-site testimonials with salt—buyers should make sure that the comments are from genuine stores and are not fabricated by the websites.

How Do I Find a Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Online?

Apart from reading reviews, buyers should also consider the following things whenever looking for a reliable Canadian pharmacy to use for their medicines:

  • Ample service history. Although age alone is not a guarantee for a website’s reliability, stores that have decades or years of service under their belt are stable and are more reliable than shops that are months, weeks, or even days old.
  • Real phone numbers. Legitimate websites have fully-functional contact numbers—buyers should check if the store’s numbers are reachable and if the store is responsive enough to inquiries.
  • Reasonable deals. Consumers should be wary of unrealistic deals and offers of free merchandise in exchange for absolutely nothing. Consumers should evaluate if the offers are realistic or if they should not be trusted.

Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Online Store

Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Online Store

Reliable Canadian Online Pharmacy Reviews

In order to better evaluate online pharmacies (Canadian or not), consumers can also use the following sites to assist in finding reliable and safe to use online drugstores on the web.



Web platforms like the website of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy list rogue websites or online pharmacies that are unsafe to use. You can use this agency’s list so you can steer clear of fake stores.

CIPA Rx Website

CIPA Rx Website

Apart from using the NABP list, you can also use the CIPA Rx website to evaluate if a Canadian online drugstore with an alleged CIPA Rx seal of approval is indeed legitimate. CIPA has all the domain names of the shops that are members of the organization, so you can check if a store is lying or not.

Legit Script

Legit Script

If you’re not satisfied with these checks, you can also make use of platforms like Legit Script, Scam Adviser, Scamner, and others to help you evaluate a shop to their minute details.


Pharmacy reviews are essential in helping buyers determine if a store (Canadian or not) is legitimate or safe to use for online purchases. Make sure to read customer comments before deciding on purchasing medicines from a website so you’ll get an idea of what you’re dealing with. If you need lists of good stores to use for online purchases, you can refer to our TOP Online Drugstores list.

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