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GoodRx is a website that focuses on helping millions of Americans who need their drugs save money when purchasing these drugs every month. The website has a mobile app that has the same functionalities as their official website. GoodRx helps save money by scanning over 70,000 American drug stores and determining the lowest prices available in the market. This website ensures that they gather the best prices, savings tips, and coupons for every prescription drug at virtually every pharmacy located in the United States. GoodRx will notify their users when any pharmacy appears to have a membership program price or a lower price. They also let their customers know when manufacturer offers are available.

Through the services that they offer, they enable the people who are buying drugs to save up to 80% on virtually any medication. They focus only on drugs which have been approved by the FDA. These include the generic and brand name drugs. Their comparison tool that is available on both their mobile app and their website helps people compare prices and thus picking the non-exorbitant prices. GoodRx is 100% free to users. They are recommended by more than 140,000 doctors and they have already managed to save their users more than $1,000,000,000.

Goodrx Reviews

The best thing that you can do in order to eliminate any doubts that you have regarding the performance of a service is to check the reviews available for that service. We searched for GoodRx reviews. We were able to find a large number of these reviews. The majority of the reviews were very positive. Here are some of them:

GoodRx Review

GoodRx Review

Lois was not sure about how the coupons work. She, therefore, called the customer service and spoke to Michelle. She was very helpful. She was able to get her eye drops at a very low cost. The eyedrop that normally costs her $110 only cost her $25 at Walgreens after using the coupons and discounts offered by GoodRx. Lois is thankful for GoodRx which helps people save money.

GoodRx Testimonial

GoodRx Testimonial

Melissa says that GoodRx saves her a lot of money even though she has insurance. She has to get one prescription that her insurance does not pay for anymore. At one place the medication is $60 each month. After using GoodRx, she is able to reduce the cost to $25 per month. She says that GoodRx saves her half a month and she loves it.

GoodRx User Feedback (source: https://web

GoodRx User Feedback (source: https://web.facebook.com/pg/goodrx/reviews/)

After changing jobs, Chinese Garcia had her insurance canceled. However, she needed to refill her prescriptions. Without the insurance, this would cost her over $200. She was operating in between checks. Her partner mentioned GoodRx to her. Instead of going for a whole week without her medications, she was able to pay only $27 for the drugs.

The reviewers above are really happy with the service that they are getting from GoodRx. They are getting the ability to save a lot of cash on their medications. The majority of the reviews that we found online were very positive. This proves that GoodRx offers great services.

Best Prescription Discount Card

A prescription discount card is a special card that you get that will help you save your money when you are refilling your prescriptions. GoodRx offers a discounts card. This prescription discount card is given for free:

GoodRx Prescription Discount Card

GoodRx Prescription Discount Card

This card will allow the user to save up to 80% on most of their prescription drugs at most of the United States pharmacies. This card can be used to get every family member discounts. This includes even pets. The discount card does not feature any hidden fees or quantity limits. To get this discounts card, you will need to fill important information at GoodRx website. These include your first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip code, and your email address.

Cheapest Pharmacy to Fill Prescriptions

While GoodRx offers coupons, these coupons are only admissible in the local stores. If you have not noticed just yet, the locally available drug stores carry the highest prices. For this reason, even after using the coupon, the prices that you get will still remain high. The best place where you can fill your prescriptions at the cheapest price is in the online stores. In order to serve as proof to this, we have prices for the most popular prescription medications:

Cheap Prescription Meds Online Prices

Cheap Prescription Meds Online Prices

The above price list tells you that you have the chance to save as much as 97% of the price that you will have to pay at the local store. The lowest that you will be able to save is 86%. Paying 14% to 3% of the price that you would have paid in the local stores is a great idea especially when you are doing it without any doubt that you are going to receive exactly what you order.

The best way to be sure that what you will receive is the correct drugs is to ensure that your meds are originating from a real drugstore. The best to be sure about this is to make sure that you are only ordering from proven pharmacies. Every pharmacy that we have on our top-rated list has had to be investigated for a long time before it was approved. You can always trust the pharmacies that we suggest to you.


GoodRx is a website and a mobile app that helps millions of Americans save billions in terms of the money that they pay for their prescriptions. The website has already managed to help these Americans save over one billion dollars on their prescription meds. GoodRx has managed to gain a large number of positive comments which makes them trustworthy.

GoodRx only focuses on offering discounts to the local drug stores. But, if you are serious about keeping most of your money with you when you are purchasing your drugs, local drug stores are not your best choice. Online stores are. You will save 90% on average online. But, this is when you use real stores. If you use rogue stores you will receive counterfeit meds or nothing at all. Use the proven vendors in our most trusted catalog.

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