Safemeds: Can You Really Save Up to 80%

Safemeds4all is an online drugstore that has its location in San Jose California. The store sells generic drugs. They claim that buying these generic meds from them has the ability to help you save at least 80% of your money. The store promises their customers that they will get free shipping irrespective of where they live. They have contracted with the major international licensed pharmacies which are equipped with modern equipment and have professional pharmacist staff who help them with dispensing prescription meds. The payment method that Safemeds4all uses is eCheck and Visa.

They offer medications for a variety of health conditions. These include Acne, Antibiotics, anticancer drugs, diabetes, hair loss meds, antidepressants, anti-infective, arthritis, asthma, BPH, birth control, and more. The store was established back in 2008 which means that they have operated online for a period of 10 years. Their medications originate from international manufacturers such as Cipla and Torrent Pharmaceuticals. They claim that they offer the best customer service.

Safemeds4all Reviews

To find out whether all the claims that Safemeds4all had placed on their website were true, we decided to check their reviews. We were able to find some reviews on their testimonial page. Here are the reviews:

Safemeds4all Reviews (source: http://www

Safemeds4all Reviews (source:

Stanely Wells from California says that he is a senior aged 62 years. He loves the simplicity of ordering his meds online. The store has managed to save him much more than his Medicare cover. He is thankful for the service that he gets. The products are affordable. He has been purchasing his prescription meds from Safemeds4all for some time now.

William Johnson ordered Nexium 40 mg from Safemeds4all on 9th September and he was able to receive it within a period of 6 days. He is thankful for the excellent prices and giving him the ability to save on his prescription meds. Their support staff was courteous and they informed him of his order until it got finally delivered.

The above reviews were available on the official Safemeds4all website. We decided to go ahead and check for other reviews elsewhere in order to try and find whether the reviews on their site were real or they had been doctored. We came up with the following:

Safemeds4all User Testimonial

Safemeds4all User Testimonial

Emily says that she did place an order with Safemeds4all. What she ordered is generic Accutane. She received a phone call to confirm her order. Shortly thereafter, she received an email with her tracking number. The drug that she was going to receive originated from Intas Pharmaceuticals. The products that she received were exactly the same as described on their website. Emily is a happy customer. The shipping time was even earlier than the company had promised.

Safemeds4all User Feedback (source: https://pharmacyreviewer

Safemeds4all User Feedback (source:

Martha says that she recently bought her medication on 21st September. She received her medications on 2nd October. She had purchased Metformin. She is really happy with the service and support that she received even after the purchase. The only thing that she would like is for them to add express shipping in order to allow overnight shipping. She says that the price is awesome.

The above feedback is positive. This shows that people who used Safemeds4all to purchase their medications were happy with what they received. This shows that Safemeds4all is a company that you may consider trusting.

Safemeds4all Coupon Code

We were able to find a coupon code on Safemeds4all websites. There were also other offers which were available. They include the following:

Safemeds4all Coupon and Discount

Safemeds4all Coupon and Discount

The store allowed a 10% discount from any of their customers who went back to buy their drugs for a second time. They claim that they will match any price and hence offering the buyer the best price deal. The store allowed the buyer to save 5% on all orders through using a coupon code before check out.

Safemeds4all Free Shipping

Safemeds4all Free Shipping

The store took care of the shipping charges. All you need to do when you are ordering your meds from them is to place your order, pay the money for your drugs and they will ship them to you free of charge.

Safemeds4all HCG

HCG or what is referred to as Human Chorion Gonadotropic is a hormone that supports the normal development of an egg in a woman’s ovary. This hormone also stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation. This is a drug which is used in the treatment of infertility and ovulation in women. When used by men, it will increase the sperm count and hence make them more fertile. Human Chorion Gonadotropic is also used in young boys when their testicles fail to drop into the scrotum normally. This is a condition that often results from pituitary gland disorder.

Some of the side effects which might result from using this drug include numbness, tingling in the arms and legs, redness, confusion, severe headache, and extreme dizziness. Some women may develop a condition known as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) when using the drug. A young boy using this drug may display early signs of puberty which includes a deepened voice, pubic hair growth, and increased acne. The price for this drug at Safemeds4all is as follows:

Safemeds4all HCG Price

Safemeds4all HCG Price

The price for a single unit is $39. However, this price will decrease as the amount that you order increases. The lowest that you will pay for a unit is $13.


Safemeds4all appears to be a store that can be trusted. This is a decision that you can make after checking out the store’s reviews. We have already included some of those in this article. Since we realized that over 90% of the web pharmacies are fake, we have made it our mission to check for the best safe pharmacies available online. After finding these safe pharmacies, we let you use them in order to ensure that you don’t end up in trouble when you receive fake drugs or get your money stolen. Check our catalog and save yourself from scammers and rogue stores.

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