Www.canadapharmacy.com: Fully Online Mail Order Service

Online pharmacies nowadays are gaining ground and it is because consumers have realized that they are better off purchasing their medicines online considering their cheap prices. One of the most famous types of online drugstores is the ones which are informally called the “Canadian” pharmacies, which are termed as such because of their connection with Canada or Canadian medicines. To be honest, not all “Canadian” shops or those featuring the iconic maple leaf are indeed Canadian pharmacies—in most cases, operators of these shops are merely name-dropping Canada so they may seem enticing and reputable. Canada is known for its affordable yet effective medications—this is why operators take advantage of the country’s name whenever creating their online drugstore platforms.

To make sure that those claiming as “Canadian” stores truly hail from the maple country, we developed a habit of checking up online drugstores and investigating them a bit. In focus today is the website called Canada Pharmacy, another of the “Canadian” drugs stores on the web

What is www.canadapharmacy.com?

Canada Pharmacy is an online platform for medicine purchases. It does not have a local drugstore counterpart, which means that it is a fully online mail order service. According to the website, it is certified by the prestigious organization called the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, which is one of the most prestigious web drugstore associations in Canada.

Canada Pharmacy Website

The drugstore Canada Pharmacy is unlike common online drugstores that take after a website template. Canada Pharmacy is unique—instead of being upfront with its items like most online drugstores, this shop hides its products and requires the buyers to search for their medicines on the platform instead. However, Canada Pharmacy still showcases its “Top 50” products at its homepage like some sort of guide for consumers looking for famed medicines. Both generic and brand name medicines are available on Canada Pharmacy and the shop is offering generic substitutes whenever possible, to help buyers maximize their savings.

Canada Pharmacy Top 50 Products

Canada Pharmacy Top 50 Products

Unlike most online drugstores, the shop Canada Pharmacy actually requires its consumers to provide their written prescriptions before they are provided access to the Rx medicines. Naturally, however, medicines classified as “over-the-counter” did not require an Rx, nor did consumer items like cosmetics and other skincare products.

Canada Pharmacy somewhat has a stricter order process—instead of allowing the consumers to purchase their medicines as “guests”, the shop requires the buyers to register and sign in before they can order. Also, the shop requires the buyers to send in their Rx before they are allowed to order from the platform, unlike plenty Canadian online drugstores that allow no Rx purchases. However, this Rx policy of Canada Pharmacy is actually a standard for online and ground drugstores, in order to prevent customers purchasing the wrong kind of medicines that would eventually cause them harm.

There is no information on the inception of this online drugstore, as the pharmacy does not disclose specifics about its history. However, we discovered via Scam Adviser that Canada Pharmacy has already been running for nearly 17 years. The location for Canada Pharmacy is also vague, although the shop mentioned that it is not shipping its products from Canada—it is possibly outsourcing products from locations with the cheapest prices for prescription products.

Canadapharmacy.com Reviews

There are literally thousands of customer reviews for the platform Canada Pharmacy since the shop is actively seeking reviews from former clients. However, its 90,000 reviews are found on-site, which makes them slightly unreliable, considering on-site testimonials may be easily manipulated.

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Naturally, customer testimonials found on-site were all positive—there were no negative mentions for the pharmacy based on its on-site reviews. Besides the on-site comments though, the store Canada Pharmacy also had third-party reviews from the likes of ResellerRatings.com and surprisingly, buyer reception for Canada Pharmacy there was also positive.

Canada Pharmacy CIPA Result

Canada Pharmacy CIPA Result

We verified if Canada Pharmacy is bluffing about its involvement with CIPA, so we went ahead and checked if the pharmacy was included in CIPA’s database. Surprising enough, Canada Pharmacy was actually included in the association’s database and is included in the 60 websites licensed to bear CIPA’s seal of approval. Although most online drugstores are not actually truthful about their claims of association with CIPA, this Canada Pharmacy store is actually honest about its certification, which is actually a good thing.

Canada Pharmacy Coupon

There are no current coupon offers on the website Canada Pharmacy, but the shop is offering other forms of discounts for its buyers, as you can see in the banner below:

Canada Pharmacy Discount Deals

Canada Pharmacy Discount Deals

According to the information on Canada Pharmacy, it allows buyers to gain unlimited $50 store credits each time their referrals are able to order items worth $100 or more per order.

Another promo from Canada Pharmacy is its free shipping for life, where the buyers may pay $50 so their shipping fees are all free for life. Buyers may also opt for the 1-year free shipping option which costs $20 or they may also choose to pay $10 each time they order on Canada Pharmacy.


Canada Pharmacy is another Canadian online drugstore which services consumers only in the United States. This pharmacy has thousands of reviews and is a valid member of the CIPA Rx association, a prestigious online drugstore association in Canada. It appears that this shop is good to use; however, buyers still need to do research on this site and use their intuition to judge if this shop is worthy of their medicine purchases or not.

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