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Finding the information about pills whose labels were misplaced or lost is very important. It would help people avoid the potential danger of taking pills that’s not for them which could be dangerous to their health. It would also help them avoid the risk of taking pills that are already expired. Losing the tag or information about the pills that the patients are using commonly happens when people transfer their meds to a different container and forget to put a label on them. People usually do this so that they could take some of their medicines with them and leave the larger pill container on their medicine cabinet. The problem starts when people transfer the remaining content of their original pill container to their own container which is without a label. They then dispose of the original container with all the important details and when they happen to forget about the information regarding the medicine that they are using, it’s already too late because their reference is already gone.

Since this is a common problem and not an isolated case among patients, healthcare providers offer their help to identify the pills whose labels are already lost. What people should do is to simply contact the healthcare professionals that they have been seeing and trace their records for them to be able to know what those pills are. Doctors and pharmacists are very familiar with the appearance of the pills that they have been prescribing and dispensing and asking them for help would be among the best course of actions that the patients could take. Healthcare professionals would simply be asking for the basic descriptions of the pill that the patient is asking about and they would then be able to determine what it is.

But how about the case of generic drugs whose appearance is different from their branded equivalents? This is indeed an issue that even healthcare professionals would find difficult to deal with. Although generic drugs have the same active ingredients and formulation as the branded drugs where they’re made from, trademark laws prohibit them to have the same physical appearance as their brand-name counterparts. As a result, generic drugs have a different shape, color, and size, to the branded drugs which makes them a lot harder to identify. Generics even taste different although the effects and results that they give are just the same as the branded drugs. Since healthcare professionals can’t possibly know everything about identifying pills especially generic medications, independent drug information sites have offered their help to assist people with identifying the pills that have lost their labels.

The identification of pills is not only for patients who have forgotten about the pills that they are using but they’re also for parents who would like to know about the pills that they have found on their teenagers’ room. Illegal drugs are not the only ones sold by pushers to kids but also prescription drugs (painkillers, sleeping pills, etc.) which are being used for their narcotic-like effects. Identifying such pills could be the difference between life and death since these pills have adverse side effects that are dangerous to the health and could even be fatal.

Pill Identification Wizard from Drugs.com

Drugs.com Pill Identifier

Drugs.com is the independent medicine information website on the internet with the largest database and has the most number of visitors. Everything that the patients need to know about their medicines can be found here. Complete information about every drug can be found in its database such as dosing information, precautions, side effects, contraindications, drug interactions, and other details that could be helpful for the patient. They also have a library of medical articles that users can browse using the search, finding the most relevant one for the topic that they are searching for. But Drugs.com also offers the patients their help for identifying the pills which have already lost their information labels or their original containers. Drugs.com has a program called Pill Identification Wizard that helps identify medications by visual appearance (color & shape) with their imprints.

The imprints on the pills are very important since these are necessary to accurately identify a pill online. All of the prescription and over the counter drugs in the US have imprints and pills that don’t have an imprint could just be a vitamin, herbal, energy, or a diet pill. Drugs.com also offers to identify pills through historical ID images for many pharmaceutical products that have already been discontinued or no longer available commercially.

Pill Identifier – Find Pills by Color, Shape, Imprint, or Picture

WebMD Pill Identifier

WebMD Pill Identifier

WebMD is also an independent medicine information site that offers to identify pills whose labels have already been lost. Like Drugs.com, WebMD also has a huge database that makes it possible to ID the pills that the patients need information about. What they should do is to simply fill out the forms that ask for the description of the pill. Be it a generic or a branded drug, as long as the information that the patients will be putting in is accurate (imprint, shape, color, etc.), WebMD will be able to determine the identity of the pill in question.

Pill Finder Wizard – Pill Identification Tool

RxList Pill Identification Tool

RxList Pill Identification Tool

A website known as RxList is also offering the service of helping patients identify the pills that they have. Compared to other independent medicine information sites, the format of RxList’s Pill Finder Wizard is just the same thing, asking for details such as the imprint codes, color, and shape. The only information that they are not asking for is the picture of the pill which could’ve been a variable that could make the search more accurate.


Identifying pills is a very important thing that could be the difference between a patient’s health getting better or worse. Healthcare providers can help patients determine the identity of the pills which have lost their labels but since the information that they have are not as extensive as what the database of independent medicine information websites has, patients should just use the pill identification tools offered by reliable sites on the web. For online pharmacies that offer high-quality meds at low prices, check our top list of recommended providers.

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